"Because I’m going to rip your throat out with my teeth if you don’t stop calling me that." He snarled as he continued digging through his bag. There was no bite in his words, though. Not like there had been moments ago. His focus stayed on his bag. Now it was just to keep himself busy, from melting into the urges that were growing harder and harder to ignore. It didn’t help how close Sam was to him now. All he could think about was amazing Sam smelled and just how easy it would be to fall into instincts. Dean jerked his shoulder at the kiss, trying to push his brother away, but that small bit of contact had his skin burning even more and the omega melting right into the touch of the alpha.

"No it’s because you’re a dick." He mouthed back, but now there was no real fight in his words. "Don’t care about you and your stupid knot." Liar. God it was a terrible lie because he was already pressing back into Sam. His eyes closing, practically rolling into the back of his head at the sudden warmth behind him. The anger he felt was washing away, replaced with an urgency that was quickly rising in him. Instinct and hormones would trump anger any day when it came to being in heat. His hips pressed back into Sam’s, grinding against his brother and practially whimpering at the contact. Both hands held tight to the bag that he’d been going through, having given up on the search for whatever it was he had wanted in it.

And that damn whisper. Sam had to know what he was doing to him. It had to be one of those damn tricks alphas managed to pull out to seduce an omega that was being difficult. It pissed Dean off, but he couldn’t focus on it. All he could think about was how disappointing earlier had been with that damn toy and how erotic it had sounded with Sam on the other side of the door. All he could focus on was the fact that there was an alpha pressed against him who had a perfectly good knot that would actually relieve some of the pain for longer than a fake one would. “Fuck..” He groaned, eyes closing tighter as he rocked his hips a little harder. “Just shut up and fuck me.”

That’s all Sam needed. 

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Rebirth|| The Rising of Mary Winchester

Mary is brought back by Castiel. Instead of being gripped from perdition she was shown mercy. Castiel found her in the same prison Gadreel was kept. Though she was barely awake he got her lucid enough that she understood.

Her body is put back together but the woman is still broken. Her faith is shot and as far as her sanity goes she is wary of everything. The angels filled her mind with delusion to try and get her to give them information on her sons. Even crazed, Mary’s will was strong. Like her husband in hell, she doesn’t break.

John is there, either by coincidence or was alerted to her return, when she comes out of the ground. She doesn’t think it’s him. This is not the first time the angels made her believe she got free. She needs to relearn everything. Walking. Talking. Life in general.

NOTE:: I’m getting back on Mary tonight (sayxgoodnight) and would love for someone to do this with me. It doesn’t have to be John that finds her (as there aren’t a lot of John’s around but if you’re interested bring it on) but it should be one of the boys. If this speaks to you, drop me an ask.




        And another one down.

"Is there a reason you’re drinking 
 like a fish or is it just Tuesday?” 


"Oh so having never popped your knot means you’re allowed to be a douche?" Maybe that should have meant something to Dean, the idea that Sam could do it jerking off to him, but he was still upset. He didn’t want to even entertain that idea. Honestly he just wanted Sam to disappear again. Go back to school, go on a hunt, hell he could have taken off to go find Bobby for all he cared. At the moment he wanted nothing to do with him. At the same time, though, the omega in him was dying to be close to him. It was frustrating to handle the disaster of emotions he was riding on. Yet something else Sam hadn’t even bothered to think about. "Don’t even try to blame me for your knot dysfunction. It’s not my fault you’d rather fuck me than your girlfriend."


Dean was glaring at him again. Practically growling at the idea that he needed Sam. “Don’t need you. I can handle this on my own. Did just find a few minutes ago since you apparently didn’t want to touch me.” He had no problem throwing that right back in Sam’s face. The problem was that he knew he needed someone. He needed an alpha to get through this because already the burning was coming back, the aching that seemed bone deep. It’d only been a few minutes. He shouldn’t have been falling into the next wave of it so soon. There was sweat slowly working across his brow and the bulge in his boxers seemed to only get more noticeable.

God did he wanted to rip Sam’s throat out.
But at the same time he wanted to climb into his brother’s lap.

This was a nightmare. “Don’t call me that.” He growled once more, quickly turning his back to Sam once more as he started digging into his bag, desperately trying to find something. He wasn’t even sure what he was looking for if it was just to keep him busy and distracted from melting in his brother’s ridiculous scent.

It was hard to stay made at Dean for something that was his fault in the first place. On top of that, seeing his brother like this after months of volunteer abstinence was screwing with him in an unfair way. No matter how mad he wanted to be, no matter how angry he was, it wasn’t sticking to him. The emotions came and just- washed over- instead of getting lodged and growing bitterness like fungus.

Dean was hearing what he wanted to hear and that was all. Sam didn’t want to just knot his brother- he wanted to be mates He wanted to spend his life with Dean. Maybe he’d always wanted it and just…. hadn’t wanted to admit it. Could a knot do all that? Make him realize what he’d been ignoring? Or maybe it was the hormones in the air urging him to primal desires and not caring what emotion thrown to get the end result. 

Sam walks closer to his brother “What? De? Why?” Dean’s back was on him which makes it easier to kiss his shoulder. “It’s cause I said I didn’t want you huh?” He chooses to ignore the bigger problem in favor of a smaller on he can handle. “I was just worried I wouldn’t be able to knot up. Didn’t think I could give you what you needed…” Carefully, he slides a hand over Dean’s hips and across his belly where Sam’s fingers spread. He’s standing behind Dean now and with any luck their pressed flush together. “Your choice big brother. You tell me if you want me to go’n I will” but it’s whispered so pretty Dean would be hard pressed to turn Sam away. 



                                                        Ӈ    Ơ    M    Є
                                                        Ɩ Ɲ  Ɣ  Ơ  Ƙ  Є
                                                        Ɯ  ƛ  Ɲ Ɗ Є Ʀ

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                                                  αяє     тнєу     ησт     αƖƖ
                                                  мιηιѕтєяιηg      ѕριяιтѕ, 
                                                  ѕєηт fσятн тσ мιηιѕтєя 
                                                  fσя тнєм ωнσ ѕнαƖƖ  вe
                                                  нєιяѕ   σf    ѕαƖναтιση ? 



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